tisdag 29 juni 2010

Melissa Rosenberg, Twilight, att polera en skit

Jag gillar Twilightfilmerna, det är bara att erkänna. Den andra falerade men mest på grund av regin och de dåligt animerade vargarna (och brist på kostym när de var i mänsklig form). Det var dock inte förrän jag läste den första boken som jag insåg vilket geni Melissa Rosenberg är. Med tanke på vad hon har att jobba med har hon gjort ett otroligt bra jobb med att adaptera böckerna till film. Det finns en intressant intervju med henne i Hollywood Reporter där hon bland annat pratar om skrivprocessen, bristen på kvinnor i branchen och hur hon hanterar de konflikerande moraliska frågorna i böckerna.

The way the story plays out, Bella commits to some major decisions at a very young age. But the thing that’s troublesome for me is this idea that she can’t have sex because she’ll destroy her soul.

Rosenberg: There’s a couple things going on there. One is, they can’t have sex because physically he could basically kill her. He could break her like a twig, so there’s a physical danger. (I’m not sure that’s any better a message.)
But you can get away with that because he’s a vampire.

Rosenberg: Yeah, exactly. What appeals to me in this is you have a desirous girl. She wants sex. She is absolutely clear about that. She’s a horny girl! And it’s such a taboo to have a girl want sex more than the guy, or to have looser standards about that. When he says, “I don’t want to have sex until we’re married” — and he is trying to protect her virtue — but she’s like, “You’re a fucking dinosaur!” But she goes along with it because she wants sex. That I find appealing. Because telling girls that what you’re feeling is shameful or wrong in any way, or that it’s weird that a girl would feel that, is damaging. So this in some ways gives them permission to have those feelings. I also don’t know that abstinence is a terrible thing to breach, but I don’t have kids.

But where’s the representation of young female sexuality that isn’t colored by all the old tropes? It’s entirely possible to have sex, have it not suck and not get pregnant.

Rosenberg: Right. Although, the other side of it is it’s an interesting thing to say, she had sex, but yeah, this can happen. This is a consequence of sex, if you’re not safe, if you’re not paying attention. She didn’t even think he was capable of getting her pregnant, and yet it happened. The thing that drives me insane is the whole concept of having unprotected sex and getting pregnant and then you’re not able to have an abortion. This happens in films and television all the time. It doesn’t even come up, you don’t even address it, no one even talks about it. They actually do talk about it in “Breaking Dawn.” It’s Edward saying, “I think we should get rid of this thing,” and Jacob’s saying, “I think we should get rid of this thing, too.” And Bella says, “No, I’m choosing not to.” But at least someone’s talking about it!

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